How to Earn Cash Back When You Get Gas, Go Out to Eat or Get Groceries

I’m always looking for ways to save and make money. I have no problem taking the time to try a new tool to help me do this. I often check for apps that offer cash back perks or allow me to earn some extra money. There’s a lot of those out there and a lot of them aren’t worth using. However, there is an app that does work and offers real cash back for something you’re already doing all of the time. It’s called GetUpside.

Note: I am not sponsored by or affiliated with GetUpside. I just use the app.

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GetUpside is an application that gives you cash back when you purchase gas at gas stations.

It’s pretty simple. You sign up for a profile and enter the last four digits of the credit or debit card you use to purchase gas.

Next, you can check the map or the list provided in the app for gas stations that are partnered with GetUpside.

Finally, when you’ve chosen a gas station, you just need to show up and check in within the app. When you finish your transaction, GetUpside recognizes the purchase via the card you signed up with and will give you up to $0.25 back per gallon each time you check in at a gas station and get gas.

If you’re not comfortable entering the last 4 digits of your card into the app, you can take a picture of your receipt instead. You still get cash back after the purchase.

GetUpside also works with select restaurants and grocery stores allowing you to earn cash back when you make purchases at these places.

After you accumulate some money, you can cash out in a number of ways such as a direct deposit into your bank account, gift cards to stores and restaurants like Amazon, Dunkin’, Starbucks, Home Depot, H&M and more.

Another feature that can earn you more money is the referral feature. When a friend signs up for the app with your promo code, they earn and extra $0.15 the first time they use the app. You’ll also get a one-time $0.15 per gallon bonus. Plus, you’ll earn $0.01 per gallon for every gallon they buy in the future.

Fun fact: 1% of GetUpside’s revenue is directed towards sustainability initiatives.

I’ve been using GetUpside since about July 2020 and I’ve earned $122.11. As you can see, you won’t become rich from using the app, but that’s $122.11 I would have left on the table if it weren’t for GetUpside. Every time I need gas I check the app and if a gas station is listed and is reasonably close, that’s where I’m going.

If you want to give it a shot and would like to earn the referral bonus I mentioned previously, click here or use promo code COREY2855 when you download the app.

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